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Monday, September 8, 2014

Bikini Ready Energy Gummies Review

Bikini Ready Energy Gummies

"New Bikini Ready Energy Gummies are a great tasting vitamin B-12 supplement with caffeine that acts as an energy booster. Along with a healthy diet and exercise program, this scientifically advanced formula helps boost your metabolism. Bikini Ready Energy Gummies are a guilt-free pick me up.
Bikini Ready Energy Gummies will help you become a healthier, lighter you." - Quoted from Bikini Ready Energy Gummies Site

I am going to disect the above statement that I copied and pasted from the Bikini Ready website.

First of all, it says "great tasting". Well, I'm going to go with a big fat NO on that one. I do not think it is worthy of the word great.
The two gummies in my sample packet were red and purple.
The red one wasn't horrible but it definitely wasn't "great" as they say. As for the purple one, can you say YUCK? If you can, good job cause that's what it was! I would have spit it out but I wanted to test how the product actually worked.

Now along with any dietary supplement you should have a "healthy diet and exercise program". Ok let's be honest, we should have that regardless of taking a supplement. Am I right or am I right?

As for boosting my metabolism, I don't believe it truly had an effect. Now maybe it would be different in the long term but I only had two gummies to sample. Ergo I cannot say, honestly, whether that is fact or not.

I can, however, attest to these gummies being an energy booster. I did get a good jolt to my system that kicked me up a notch. There wasn't much of a crash later either. Which is always something I hate with energy boosters, such as energy drinks and whatnot. Though these were vitamin B-12 gummies with caffeine. So it makes sense that it wouldn't have the same reaction as energy drink type boosters.
On another note, I did get an instant headache when I first ate them. BUT I am a bit sensitive to high amounts of caffeine. If you cannot handle the caffeine I would not suggest trying these out.

Other than that, if you can get past the taste, then have at it and give 'em a try. If you like them and it works for you then awesome.

Keep on keepin' on!


This product was received for testing purposes from Influenster.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Influenster Vitality VoxBox Unveiling

This is the unveiling of the Vitality VoxBox (#VitalityVoxBox) I received from Influenster.
(All products were received complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.)

Products Included:
  • Playtex Sport Gentle Glide #PlayOn
  • Pure Leaf  Sweet Tea #LoveOfLeaves
  • First Degree Burn Cream #BurnsHappen
  • Softlips Cube #GetCubed
  • Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future #FlawlessFuture
  • Bikini Ready Energy Gummies #BikiniReadyLifestyle

I will let you all know how each product is as I try them! I'm particularly excited that I got tampons cause I was running low on my supply. God provides in funny ways! :-)

Anywho...enjoy the video. Sorry for the poor quality! I used my phone since I don't have a computer right now.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Star Crossed: Episode 10 Review

Episode 10 is here!
Jess and I are definately getting more in to these reviews. We really like getting together and sharing our craziness with y'all. 
Enjoy the awesomeness!!!
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Sunday, May 18, 2014

I Can Hear The Bells!

On Saturday, April 12th, one of my dearest friends, Kelly, got married!

This was long anticipated. I couldn't believe the day had finally arrived. And now it's over and she is a wife. It's a bit unreal to me.
The ceremony was wonderful, their vows were both sincere and hilarious, her dress was gorgeous(She wore her mother's wedding dress) and her hair was beautiful golden locks curled perfectly. Oh and the groom was pretty snazzy too!
I could not be more happy for her and her new hubby!

Here are some photos I took from the wonderful day. (Sorry they're not the best quality. I took them from my phone.)

The I Do's and the Kiss!
Mr. & Mrs Herndon!


Star Crossed: Episode 9 Review

Hey guys! Sorry for the massive delay! I was having issues with the video uplaoding to my blog. Silly technology.
But it is all good now. So here is episode 9 review of Star Crossed. Hope you like it.
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Till next time,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Star Crossed: Episode 8 Review

We are FINALLY caught up on all the episodes. Whew! Thanks for sticking with us.
Jess and I are loving this show and all the twists and turns it's taking. Hopefully it continues to keep us guessing.
Here's the review for episode 8. It's a fun one! (Of course I'm a bit biased) ;-P

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Thanks all!
Catch ya later!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Star Crossed: Episode 7 Review

Hey hey hey,

And here we are with episode 7 of Star Crossed. This show keeps getting more and more interesting. Weird and corny at times but I am def intrigued by it. If you're following our reviews then I assume you can say the same. :-)

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